Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Little Houdini

After an extremely tiresome and less than enjoyable dinner with some old friends (a whole other blog post), I finally got home for the first time around 9:30 last night. It was an exceptionally trying day at work and all I wanted to do was snuggle up with my little fuzz butts. Remember them? Banks and Hitch, the little kitten rascals. So I get home and am immediately greeted by Banks (not unusual,) however, it was extremly unusual for my little black cat not to be by his brohters side in rubbing up on my legs. I immediately went into panic mode and searched every nook and cranny, even the dishwasher mind you, and I couldn't seem to locate the furry rascal. I paniced some more, called W, and then went downstairs to see if my concierge had any reports of a little black cat roaming around the halls. Turns out the little nugget must have slipped between either my legs or W's legs while we were leaving and ran out into the hall. One of his favorite games, LOVES it. He was found by some cranky old lady on my floor who was trying to swat him with a broom!! Can you believe it? I was so upset but I went to the back room where they were keeping him to find a shaking and terrified little Hitch. The relief I felt was unbelievable!! I couldn't believe he had been roaming the halls all by his lonesome for 3 hours. Bad bad kittie momma. Lesson learned, always check your surroundings for little Black kitten houdini's. Never know when they are going to strike again!
Hitch's typical sleeping position.

Of course one of the little gray trouble maker!

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  1. oh no! glad you have him back, but what a fright!